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"The staff have repeatedly gone above and beyond the basic standards of practice and given 110% to the abused and neglected youth of North Carolina." — Case Manager LME

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PRIDE In North Carolina, LLC (PRIDE) offers a community-based network of services designed to meet the diverse needs children, adults, and families in need of support to address mental, emotional, or developmental disabilities. This network of services is premised on the belief that programs for this population must be flexible and capable of adapting to the individual's changing needs. PRIDE In North Carolina, LLC services are rooted in the concept of normalization - the belief that persons with mental, emotional and developmental challenges are an integral part of their communities and should enjoy all the residential, recreational, educational, vocational, and social benefits offered.

PRIDEdesigns treatment services in collaboration with the individual, his/her family/guardian, other involved agencies, and any other people that are important in the life of the individual.

Who We Serve

Children and Families:

PRIDE serves children of all ages and their families. Children may have emotional or behavioral difficulties and may or may not be in the custody of their parents. PRIDE provides support to the child and his/her family through services in the home designed to assist parents in learning more effective parenting strategies and to the child to learn more adaptive coping skills. For children that can not remain in the home, PRIDE offers residential options including a 5 bed residential treatment facility.

Adults with Mental Illness:

PRIDE serves adults with mental illness in their own homes and in the community. The focus of treatment for adults is learning to manage their mental illness, recognize decompensation triggers, and to develop the skills, social networks, and resources to live as independently and productively as possible.

Children and Adult Consumers with Developmental Disabilities (DD):

PRIDE offers services that range in intensity and setting based on the individual's needs and preferences. Services may be provided in the individual's home and community to assist the care taker in the day to day responsibilities that come with caring for a loved one, or services may be provided in a PRIDE setting such as a day activity program or residential program.

Additional information regarding services is available from the links on the left.

What We Need From You if Receiving Services from PRIDE

We want you as involved in the treatment process as possible. You are in the “driver’s seat” of the treatment process.

This requires a commitment to services- We realize that every person and his/her family is different, so this may mean different things for different families. But, basically a commitment to services will mean:

  • Your involvement in the treatment planning process.
  • Attending appointments, such as doctor’s appointments, evaluations, diagnostic assessment, therapy, etc.
  • A willingness to work with the Qualified Professional and other staff that may be assigned to you.
  • A willingness to be open to constructive and tactful feedback offered by our staff that may be sensitive in nature, such as parenting skills, communication skills, family dynamics, standard of living, morals/values, etc.
  • Communication: Open, honest communication regarding the progress that is or is not being made, staff issues, problems, concerns, changes you would like to see, etc.
  • Provide us with input by utilizing the grievance procedure if you have a concern, completing surveys, and providing us with ongoing feedback about the services you receive so we can improve what we do.
  • In the event that you receive 1:1 services, you may be asked to verify the staff’s time that they provided services.
  • Maintain the insurance of the individual served. In the event that Medicaid or Health Choice Insurance is no longer valid, we expect you to notify the QP immediately..


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