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Developmentally Disabled (DD) Consumers
Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

PRIDE offers services that range in intensity and setting based on the individual's needs and preferences. Services may be provided in the individual's home and community to assist the care taker in the day to day responsibilities that come with caring for a loved one, or services may be provided in a PRIDE setting such as a day activity program or residential program.

What is NC Innovations Services?

  • NC Innovations is designed to provide an array of community-based services and supports to promote choice, control, and community membership. These services provide a community-based alternative to institutional care for persons who require an ICF- IID level of care and meet additional eligibility criteria for this waiver.

  • NC Innovations seeks to support waiver participants be fully functioning members of their community by:
  1. Promoting promising practices that result in real-life outcomes for participants;
  2. Offering service options that will facilitate participants' abilities to live in homes of their choice, have employment, engage in a purposeful day of their choice, and achieve their life goals;
  3. Providing the opportunity for all participants to direct their services to the extent they choose; and
  4. Providing educational opportunities and support to foster the development of stronger natural support networks and enable participants to be less reliant on formal support systems.

What is Outpatient Treatment (Therapy)?

  • Outpatient Treatment is designed to meet the clinically significant behavioral or psychological symptoms or patterns that have been identified as treatment needs for a recipient.
  • It is provided through scheduled therapeutic treatment sessions and may be provided to individuals, families, or groups in various settings.
  • Individuals providing this service must have a Master's Degree and be licensed in the state of North Carolina in an appropriate behavioral health discipline.

What is Comprehensive Assessment?

  • A Comprehensive Assessment is an intensive clinical and functional face to face evaluation of a person's mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse condition to develop a report and treatment recommendations. (In other words, it is an evaluation to help decide what kinds of services will meet your needs.)
  • This service can be provided in any location, but is typically completed in one of our clinics by a licensed clinician.
  • This assessment is the primary process by which a determination is made regarding target population criteria and eligibility for enhanced benefit services. (In other words, from this evaluation, we will figure out what kind of services you are eligible to receive)
  • The following are included in the Comprehensive Assessment:
  1. Health history
  2. Biological, psychological, familial, social, developmental and environmental dimensions
  3. Presenting problems
  4. Strengths
  5. Diagnoses
  6. Recommendations regarding eligibility
  7. Recipient participation including families, guardians or other caregivers.

Day Activity Program

  • PRIDE operates a Day Activity Program in Jacksonville for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • It is a structured day program designed to enhance vocational, educational, leisure, and self help skills.
  • Activities are designed to provide consumers with outlets that are age appropriate, developmentally appropriate and oriented toward personal growth and the development of independence.
  • Consumers may spend a part of their day or week engaged in vocational training activities in the community as appropriate.
  • When ever possible, consumers are assisted in obtaining paid employment and provided the guidance, training and assistance necessary to maintain employment in the community.


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